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Please view below some of the many testimonials from our satisfied clients. Our firm has more high-quality testimonials from satisfied clients than most personal injury law firms in the State of Florida and throughout the U.S. That is why we consistently win the Avvo Client Choice Award every year.

“I live in Tennessee and I hired this lawyer who is in Miami. I hired this law firm to take care of my Defense Base Act case for injuries I received while working overseas in Afghanistan. The team at The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. took great care of me and my case from day one right up to my excellent settlement. I am spreading the word to my co-workers and friends working overseas because I had a hard time finding a good DBA lawyer. Now that I found this firm, I am trying to tell my co-workers and friends that if they get injured on the job, they need to go to The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. They truly cared about me and were compassionate and always right there for me. I am grateful to the entire staff there for what they did for me.”


“The attorneys at The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. worked hard on my DBA case. He got me a better result than I expected. I will never forget what he did for me and my family. I have already sent them three new cases and I will continue to recommend them very highly.”


“My friend referred me to Mr. Mermell and the law firm of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco. I had never hired a lawyer before in my life. I was nervous to go down this road, but I had seriously injuries and needed help. Mr. Mermell and his staff set me up right from the start. He made the experience very simple and he made me feel comfortable. I was always well informed and prepared for each step of the case. He helped me get my payments and my medical care. In the end, he got me a settlement that I was not expecting. I am very happy with the way my case went and I am highly recommending Mr. Mermell to any workers involved with a DBA worker’s compensation case.”


“From the start, David Pacheco was always diligent in meeting my needs. Upon my leaving Iraq in 2018 with a serious injury, I was referred to David to handle my DBA case by a co-worker who had hired David as his lawyer for his DBA case. David is an outstanding DBA lawyer working for a firm that I highly recommend to anyone injured overseas. From start to finish, David and the firm of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco was outstanding and got me an amazing result.”


“The job that the attorneys at The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. did for me on my DBA case was so good that I cannot find the right words to describe how happy I am. Be patient with them and know that they are fighting for you and everything will turn out right. They are a great law firm for injuries in Afghanistan.”


“I hired Mr. Mermell for my Defense Base Act case. He handled that like a champion. then he took it one step further. He put together a case for me under the Anti Terrorism Act. He hit a homerun for me under that law. I am still in shock at how well this lawyer did for me and six of my co-workers. I implore anyone out there with a DBA case to contact Mr. Mermell and have him put together your DBA case and your Anti-Terrorism case. You deserve the best representation and you will get it at this firm!”


“This firm treated me with the utmost respect. I had a difficult Defense Base Act case. They did not have to take it, but they did. What this firm did for me and my family is beyond words. I very much appreciate everything they did for me. They took all of my calls and kept me in the loop at all times. I am spreading the word about how great this firm is at handling Defense Base Act cases for injuries in Afghanistan.”


“Mr. Mermell and his Law firm handled my DBA Case. I was injured while working overseas in Afghanistan. Their hard work and dedication made a huge difference. Contacting the law firm of Gillis Mermell & Pacheco, to handle my case, was the best decision I ever made. I highly recommend this law firm to everyone. Thank you again Mr. Mermell for your hard work and dedication. God bless you all.”


“Gillis Mermell & Pacheco PA is one of the best companies in the states, it was a pleasure to work with very professional and caring DBA lawyers in Miami, Florida.”


“Mr. Pacheco and his firm were amazing lawyers, very confident, and very helpful with my Defense Base Act case. I was doing security in the Middle East when I was injured. Mr. Pacheco helped me get the care I needed to be able to walk and to live in my daily life. In the end, Mr. Pacheco helped me settle my case and I am very satisfied and happy with the outcome. I was referred to this firm by a friend and now I am referring my friends here as well.”


“Everything in my case went very well. I felt that I was greatly helped in all aspects of the case. I was working at the Port of Miami as a crane mechanic when I received my injury. The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. was recommended to me by my friend as they specialize in longshoremen cases. I am very satisfied with their efforts and my results.”


“Being injured overseas was not easy, but working with The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. made it less cumbersome. They helped me navigate and understand what the Defense Base Act was all about and ensured that I was not taken advantage of by my insurance carrier. During what seemed like an endless journey, having this firm on my side made things a lot easier. I am very happy overall with the results of my case.”


“I live in Texas and I hired The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. which is located in Miami to handle my Defense Base Act case for injuries I sustained while working in Afghanistan. I found them through a recommendation from a friend and confirmation on the internet. I was looking for a new lawyer as the one I had previously would not return my calls. This firm was awesome. Communication was the key. Anytime I would call or email, I got a quick response with answers to my questions. I feel grateful to this firm for taking great care of me and my case and for ultimately getting me a large settlement that has given me peace of mind and financial freedom. I am recommending this firm to anyone needing a top-notch Defense Base Act lawyer.”


“My Defense Base Act lawyer at The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. was amazing. He was there whenever I needed him 24/7. It didn’t matter, he was always there for me. He always answered my questions. Very respectful, kind and nice. I highly recommend the attorneys at this firm for any defense base act case. They will fight for you tooth and nail until you are satisfied. They explained everything to me in plain language, not attorney terms, so that I could understand everything. They are fantastic, genuine and sincere.”


“Everyone at this law firm is professional, knowledgeable and kind. They were always easy to reach when I had questions and kept me informed of the process in my case. They took time to explain any concerns or doubts I had. If you are in need of a DBA Lawyers, this Office should be your first choice.”


“The attorneys at The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. helped me with my case for a back injury that I had while working at Popeyes on a military base. I had a difficult time finding anyone who knew how to handle this type of case. Luckily I found Mr. David Pacheco. He has been doing this kind of case for more than 20 years and it showed. He walked me through this case and got me my compensation and my medical care that the insurance company was fighting me on. In the end, he got me a great settlement so I could move on with my life. I give great props to Mr. David for what he did for me and my family.”


“I got injured overseas very devastating injury to my shoulder and neck. My company’s insurance company tried to get out of it without paying anything. I contacted The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. because I found out that they were good at handling Defense Base Act cases from a friend of mine who was their client. They did a bang up job for me and got me what I deserved.”


“My attorney at The Law Offices of Gillis, Mermell & Pacheco, P.A. was very aggressive with my Defense Base Act case. He was very detailed and patient with me. He made very deliberate moves concerning my case to bring out a great result for me. I would certainly recommend this firm to other people in my situation.”

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